Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This was a fun year our first Thanksgiving in Utah! We had my family come from Idaho and Travis's two brothers so it was a full house :) It was great to have all the company and nice to stay home. The highlight for me was going to Primary Childrens hosital to drop off the hope wraps that Whitney had made for the Cancer patients. They are scarfs for the girls to wear when they lose their hair. It was such a great idea and really special to see the hospital. Isn't it cute :)

Okay is that not the funniest bowl of potaotes ever? I probably laughed about these potates for a good 20 minutes. Me, my Mom, Tiffany and Whitney were in the kitchen cooking dinner for Thanksgiving my mom and I were working on something when we turn around to see that TIff and Whitney had peeled every potatoes that we had in the kitchen :) It was so funny because after we had finished eating we go to clean up and see that the big bowl of potatoes was still full to the top we just ate the over flowing part :) Lots of leftovers huh :) That's what happens when girls are cooking together and they start talking eh :)
Keslee's big thanksgiving parade for dance! Okay have you ever been to a parade in the winter? It is unheard of why would anyone want to stand out side in the freezing cold and watch a parade and not to mention who wants to be in a parade with their toes and fingers getting frost bite :) That was a new experience and it turned out to be fun freezing but fun. Hey my dad has the right idea:)

Keslee is 6

Keslee was so excited about having a birthday party this year because I have spoiled her and had one every year since she was two and the mean mom that I am told her that we were going to have a family party instead. She was really upset I even found out that she had made invitation and gave them to all her friends at school to invite them to her sunshine party behind my back ;) But after she saw all the presents and cake she was fine with a family birthday. She even got to choose a fun activity and whatever dinner she wanted. We went to jumpin jacks a bouncing house place and instead of any resturant she choose to go home and have mac & cheese and hot dogs :) I can't complain cheap and easy but very very gross :) Oh and one more funny thing when she said her prayers that morning she said "please let my daddy give me soft birthday spankings" :) She is a bit of a drama queen but we love that about her makes life intresting and very comical :)

Ode to BYU

Ahh our beloved Cougars (or should I say Travis's beloved cougars and that doesn't quite capture how he feels about them :)) joking honey. They had a good run but I am happy to be rid of you until next year I will enjoy my husbands undivided attention for 9 months with an occasional basketball game here and there. :) Go BYU Rah Rah Rah!!!!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Halloween

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Taylin Chelsie

Our little cabbage patch look-a-like :)

Such a good smiler :)

Oh oh now she's bored :(

Brixton's 1st (real professional) haircut!!!!!!!!


And after

The kids are growing!!!!!

Blowing you kisses MMMMMMMMMMaaaaaaaa :)

Keslee Mckay 5 1/2

Brixton 3

My little babies are getting so big :(

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Offical Utahians

So sorry camera broke so I took a blog break okay!!!!!! ;) We are finally in our new house now we moved in the end of July. Starting to get into the groove of this new place. Keslee started school a couple weeks ago (post pictures later) and we have got everything put in it's place. Now we just have to fill all the empty walls and rooms. It takes a year right ;) We live in South Jordan near the new temple it is so beautiful and hot which I love so far. Travis is doing great with his new position it has been a lot of work and a few more over-nighters than I am use to but I will get the hang of it. Travs brother Rodney AKA Rod-bo is now living with us which has been fun for us I don't really know how he is feeling about it :) He gets pressure from Travis and I everyday about girls. He is learning to hide out :) We really like our new house just trying to decorate AHHHHHHH not my specialty. Any ideas?????

The new Oquirrh mountain temple this is the view from our front yard it is bueatiful at night.
This our living room it is kind of a great room. When you walk in the front door you will see the dining room the living room and the kitchen all in one.
Our kitchen with a massive bar love that. Lots of cabinets I need something on top of them ???? What? I am still thinking about that one??????
This is the entryway/dining room. It is a little different I am still trying to figure out how to decorate this and make it look right. I do like things that are diffent so it is growing on me.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Utah we are here!!!!

Wow it has been crazy in the Lake house well I guess we don't really have a house at the moment but soon. We left our first home in Vancouver the end of June. It was really sad to say goodbye to everyone and to leave my comfortable home not to mention my vegetable garden that I had to leave there to die! We have been in Vancouver for four 1/2 years so naturally we have a lot of memories in that house, two babies were born there, I had a major knee syrgery there and mourned my sister dealth all in that house. So I will say it is a biiter sweet move for me. It is nice to move on and make new memories.
So we finally found our house after looking at over 60 homes!!!!! It is in South Jordan near the new temple. We have all loved it here so far. My kids have been having fun with so many kids all over the place. They are not use to this. We love all the water parks and kid stuff. My favorite with the kids is going to a resturant and not getting stared at when our kids are jumping up and down and throwing fries on the floor :) And church is awesome no one can hear my kids with the other 200 kids in the room :) There is bound to be a couple who are lounder than mine! Yeah we are excited to be here and get into our new home July 23rd is the move in date!!! Yahoo!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter Cuties

Okay I know that easter was a few weeks ago but life has been nuts lately and I wanted to post these cute girls in there easter dresses. Keslee has been asking for a matching dress with Taylin so I finally did this for her she loved it :) They turned out pretty cute and easy. This is about all I can handle.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tays' special day!

We blessed Taylin on March 8th it was such a good blessing. We were able to share it with family and friends thank you all for coming. She did so good too she only cryed at the very end because Travis was holding her head lower than her feet she came up with a red face :) And I finished her dress just in time it turned out alright for an amiture :) She looks like an angel in anything. Sweet sweet Taylin :)

Daddy hike

Travis took the kids out in the wilderness somewhere to take a nature hike. They saw some cool trees and snakes! I am amazed Travis made it out alive! Good times

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thunder Thighs

When Thunder Thighs are cute! Enjoy it darlin'

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nothing good comes without a little work

Wow it has been a while since I have sat down on the computer I usually have two minutes to check my e-mail every couple days. Even now I am typing one handed with Taylin in the other hand. Gotta luv it while they are little they grow too fast! It has been crazy and wonderful with three kids. Definitely not an easy task but my favorite so far! I kept hearing how hard three was I would hear the "after three it is easy". But I think it is just circumstance. I think my first two "Spirited" kids prepared me for this. Here is my experience (if anyone cares if not the pictures are below) :) Keslee was hard because I didn't know what I was doing and It was a big adjustment from taking care of only me to not having time to take a shower or sleep at night. Having two was a ch allege because Keslee was two and she wanted to play and be around other kids I always felt like I need to go somewhere and let her play with others. But with three kids I have been amazed how nice it is Keslee and Brixton just play with each other all day and have fun together and I have time to take care of Taylin and focus on her I don't feel like I have to go to every playdate or story time at the library. It really has been great for the most part. Now grocery shopping is not included in this that is just a terrible nightmare with three kids!!!!

Kid fun!

Keslee and Brixton have two favorite pastimes. Swimming and riding the carousal. I am usually the one taking pictures and watching the kids try to find my face and wave while they are getting dizzy. So Funny! (I should include Travis in that too because he is always the first to offer to take them. He's just a big kid)

These two should be fish! If there was one thing that we could do everyday all day this would be it. They probably got that from me. I love to swim. I think swimming lessons are next on the to do list :)