Friday, July 10, 2009

Utah we are here!!!!

Wow it has been crazy in the Lake house well I guess we don't really have a house at the moment but soon. We left our first home in Vancouver the end of June. It was really sad to say goodbye to everyone and to leave my comfortable home not to mention my vegetable garden that I had to leave there to die! We have been in Vancouver for four 1/2 years so naturally we have a lot of memories in that house, two babies were born there, I had a major knee syrgery there and mourned my sister dealth all in that house. So I will say it is a biiter sweet move for me. It is nice to move on and make new memories.
So we finally found our house after looking at over 60 homes!!!!! It is in South Jordan near the new temple. We have all loved it here so far. My kids have been having fun with so many kids all over the place. They are not use to this. We love all the water parks and kid stuff. My favorite with the kids is going to a resturant and not getting stared at when our kids are jumping up and down and throwing fries on the floor :) And church is awesome no one can hear my kids with the other 200 kids in the room :) There is bound to be a couple who are lounder than mine! Yeah we are excited to be here and get into our new home July 23rd is the move in date!!! Yahoo!!!!