Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This was a fun year our first Thanksgiving in Utah! We had my family come from Idaho and Travis's two brothers so it was a full house :) It was great to have all the company and nice to stay home. The highlight for me was going to Primary Childrens hosital to drop off the hope wraps that Whitney had made for the Cancer patients. They are scarfs for the girls to wear when they lose their hair. It was such a great idea and really special to see the hospital. Isn't it cute :)

Okay is that not the funniest bowl of potaotes ever? I probably laughed about these potates for a good 20 minutes. Me, my Mom, Tiffany and Whitney were in the kitchen cooking dinner for Thanksgiving my mom and I were working on something when we turn around to see that TIff and Whitney had peeled every potatoes that we had in the kitchen :) It was so funny because after we had finished eating we go to clean up and see that the big bowl of potatoes was still full to the top we just ate the over flowing part :) Lots of leftovers huh :) That's what happens when girls are cooking together and they start talking eh :)
Keslee's big thanksgiving parade for dance! Okay have you ever been to a parade in the winter? It is unheard of why would anyone want to stand out side in the freezing cold and watch a parade and not to mention who wants to be in a parade with their toes and fingers getting frost bite :) That was a new experience and it turned out to be fun freezing but fun. Hey my dad has the right idea:)

Keslee is 6

Keslee was so excited about having a birthday party this year because I have spoiled her and had one every year since she was two and the mean mom that I am told her that we were going to have a family party instead. She was really upset I even found out that she had made invitation and gave them to all her friends at school to invite them to her sunshine party behind my back ;) But after she saw all the presents and cake she was fine with a family birthday. She even got to choose a fun activity and whatever dinner she wanted. We went to jumpin jacks a bouncing house place and instead of any resturant she choose to go home and have mac & cheese and hot dogs :) I can't complain cheap and easy but very very gross :) Oh and one more funny thing when she said her prayers that morning she said "please let my daddy give me soft birthday spankings" :) She is a bit of a drama queen but we love that about her makes life intresting and very comical :)

Ode to BYU

Ahh our beloved Cougars (or should I say Travis's beloved cougars and that doesn't quite capture how he feels about them :)) joking honey. They had a good run but I am happy to be rid of you until next year I will enjoy my husbands undivided attention for 9 months with an occasional basketball game here and there. :) Go BYU Rah Rah Rah!!!!!!!