Saturday, November 22, 2008

Keslee's Mermaid Birthday

Keslee wanted to have a Princess mermaid/ariel party with only girls so we had nine adorable girls over for our party :)
We decorated like we were under the sea with lots of fish hanging from the celing and balloons everywhere. Like we were swimming in the water :)
The fishing game was the hit of the party they wanted to do it over and over again!

Travis had more fun then the little girls did!!!
Blowing out her five candles.
They all got to dress up like mermaids with shell bras and garbage sacks cut out like fins and flowers in their hair.
Ariel cake of course :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

I can't believe she is Five!!!

My Baby girl is growing up. Keslee loves friends and presents so birthdays are so wonderful for her she loved every second of her party.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Boy will be boys and Girls will be girls

On Sunday these two looked so much alike I had to take a picture. Travis has a mini me!!!

Lately I have been seeing a lot of me in her too I still think she looks like Travis a lot but I can see me in there sometimes :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

The pregnancy glow!

One of the worst parts about being pregnant for me are the comments that I get from people. Now I understand that no one is trying to be mean and sometimes people just don't know what to say but does that give everyone the right to just say whatever they want? I wish I could say what I wanted to but that doesn't really go over so well. I don't understand who said it was okay to tell a pregnant woman exactly what she looks like over and over. But if I went up to someone who had a big nose and told them that there nose was so big that wouldn't really work would it. Okay I know that I am a little hormonal but it is just getting really old! So this is my way of saying what I always wanted to say (but not to anyone's face you know I wouldn't want to be rude) :)

These are some of the most popular ones:

"Oh you look like you are going to pop!" Okay How do you respond to that? I am not a balloon thanks.

"You are getting so big!" Yeah you think I don't know that?

"Are you having twins?" That is just another way of saying that I am look like a whale. Nice!!

"When are you going to have that baby?" Believe me I'll let you know!!!!

"Wow you are looking so fat!" Okay I only heard this one once but seriously someone said the word FAT!

"Oh my gosh does it hurt?" Yes it hurts what do you think!!!

So next time you want to make small talk with a very hormonal pregnant woman just ask her how she is feeling or tell her she has the glow of a pregnant woman or ask her if she needs a foot massage! These other comments don't make us feel any better. No one wants to hear that they are so big even if we are, I understand I am big I can hold a freakin cereal bowl on this thing alright you don't need to say it out loud can't we all just pretend PLEASE!!!!! :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treating!

Brixton the Pumpkin!

Keslee the Spider Witch (OoooH Scary!)

Keslee and Brixton with their cousin Elias the Bummblebee. Sorry it was really tuff to get a good picture of these three tonight. This is as good as it gets!

"Open Sucker Mama!!" this is all I ever hear from my little boy. He ate three on Halloween because he kept finding people (or should I say suckers) that would open them for him because I wouldn't :) Little stinker. Suckers are his favorite thing in the entire world!

Here we are trick or treating around the neighborhood we are crazy it was like 8 pm these poor kids they are so tierd. The things we do on Halloween just for some free candy!

We got it down by the first few doors they would say Trick or Treat or Brixton's words "Stik a steet!" Then when they got their candy they would say Thank you and then they would yell Happy Halloween or in Brixton's language "Happy Hween!" They were adorable!