Saturday, November 22, 2008

Keslee's Mermaid Birthday

Keslee wanted to have a Princess mermaid/ariel party with only girls so we had nine adorable girls over for our party :)
We decorated like we were under the sea with lots of fish hanging from the celing and balloons everywhere. Like we were swimming in the water :)
The fishing game was the hit of the party they wanted to do it over and over again!

Travis had more fun then the little girls did!!!
Blowing out her five candles.
They all got to dress up like mermaids with shell bras and garbage sacks cut out like fins and flowers in their hair.
Ariel cake of course :)


Taneil said...

Will you come and be my party planner! I would mostly need you for the summer months!

Damien and Ashley Smith said...

Wow! That looks like the funnest party ever! What a lucky little girl! (and oh so cute by the way)

The Wright Family said...

So cute! What awesome ideas for the party!

Katie said...

Cute costume ideas for the mermaids!

I found your blog on we can be friends!

Robin said...

Adorable party! I will have to keep your ideas in mind for Rosey. She loves the Mermaid. Happy Birthday Keslee.

Ty and Shay said...

Keslee is so cute! I bet it was a great b day!

Levi and Teri said...

Hi Teasha!

I found your blog off of Ashley's. I am way better at this blog stuff than the face book stuff so Send me your email and I'll invite you to our blog. I loved seeing all your pictures of your family! You guys are so cute and what a fun 5th birthday!

Robin said...

Looks like you had a great time and you did find the perfect tree.

The Scott Six said...

Looks like a very cute party!