Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treating!

Brixton the Pumpkin!

Keslee the Spider Witch (OoooH Scary!)

Keslee and Brixton with their cousin Elias the Bummblebee. Sorry it was really tuff to get a good picture of these three tonight. This is as good as it gets!

"Open Sucker Mama!!" this is all I ever hear from my little boy. He ate three on Halloween because he kept finding people (or should I say suckers) that would open them for him because I wouldn't :) Little stinker. Suckers are his favorite thing in the entire world!

Here we are trick or treating around the neighborhood we are crazy it was like 8 pm these poor kids they are so tierd. The things we do on Halloween just for some free candy!

We got it down by the first few doors they would say Trick or Treat or Brixton's words "Stik a steet!" Then when they got their candy they would say Thank you and then they would yell Happy Halloween or in Brixton's language "Happy Hween!" They were adorable!


Robin said...

Too cute for words.

Taneil said...

So Cute! SO how much candy have you eaten? I am so sick, can you imagine - 5 full bags of candy to choose from (only while my kids are asleep though!) HA HA

The Wright Family said...

Your kids looks so cute! I love Halloween. Great job on the pumpkin carving too!

Patrick and Emily said...

I love the picture of Brixton double-fisting the candy! Cute cute.

ethan said...

this is ethan. your kids are so cute.