Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Of course we always end up doing most of it but the kids like it anyway. Keslee really did most of hers this year. I was really proud of her and she was pretty proud of herself too! :)

Travis carved the Phantom!

Brixton took a little break for an ice cream sandwich! "Five more!" he says.
And the winner is Mine!!!! I spend way too long on this pumpkin. Once I got started I couldn't stop. This is my first decent pumpkin in my whole life I must say I am very proud of it :)


Robin said...

Awesome pumpkins. We cheated this year and used markers. Ha! Knives are a little scary with Ryan as he is so busy and gets his hands on everything. This way I didn't have to worry at all and the pumpkin turned out pretty cute. Glad you updated your blog. I watch to see updates. Fun to see how your life is going. Enjoy Halloween. By the way.....the kids are adorable.

The Scott Six said...

That's a pretty cool pumpkin, Teasha! Mine are always the traditional smiley ones that everyone does :)

Taneil said...

Wow! I never even get to carve one of my own. Your artistic side is showing. I want a profile picture of your belly. I can't really see it!

Patrick and Emily said...

Your kids are getting so big! How cute! Let's get together soon!

ethan said...

this is ethan. im gonna have a blog. your blog is so so so so cool. the song eye of the tiger. is as cool as a rill tiger. every one i no has it. when i get a blog i will have it.