Tuesday, July 29, 2008

He's a Brick ... House!

Brixton is 2 all boy and more. Except when he wears my cheeta heels and polka dot head band but just a phase I hope. He loves balls, cars, trucks, tractor, airplanes basicly anything that moves or has wheels. Brixton doesn't like messes and he always takes care of him mommy today he got me a pillow without me even asking when I was reading him a book on the floor because he could see I was uncomfortable and later I walked outside to talk to someone on the front porch and here comes Brixton with my flip flops because he didn't want me to be outside with no shoes he even put them on my feet for me :) What a sweetheart I hope that never changes.


Keslee is 4 and 3/4s going on 8. She is very very outgoing we can't go on an elevator without her telling the other people her name and what she did that day. She defintly has no problem making new friends. She loves to read, watch movies and play with her friends. She loves to write and draw pictures and can't wait for school to start again. She is a dancer and a singer and she is full of energy. Always having fun and laughing. Yesterday as I was driving to the park she annouced, "When I grow up I want to be a mom so I can stay home with my kids so they don't have to go to daycare." Who knows where that came from but she is on the right track I guess :) She is my little friend and I love our night time talks before bed. She can always make you smile!

Pioneer Day

We have a fun stake 24th of July party every year. There is a lot of pioneer games for the kids. Everyone from the stake comes and we have a yummy BBQ. Brixton thought roping the cow was pretty cool!

The beautiful Oregon coast

Ahh The Oregon Coast. It's always a little chilly but it is really pretty. My kids just love getting out of the house and staying in a hotel. There are shops and rides at seaside and we even got to see a real helicopter up close Brixton couldn't stop talking about it for days :) We got to fly the kite and play in the sand. We swam in the hotel pool and my kids decided not to be scared of the water which made me a little scared. Brixton would climb out of the pool and run to the deep end away from us and jump in all by himself. He had arm floaties on but he still would go underwater. Then he would pop up and start laughing and want to do it again. He didn't want anyone to hold him either did Keslee I was really proud of them both. My little water babies want to swim so bad. We ending up going swimming alot because they loved it so much. It was a fun trip :)

Our Great AMERICA!!!

I love the Fourth of July probably because of all the food but I love the parades and fireworks too. Travis ended up getting Strep throat so we left him home and took our neighbor kids to the parade it was awesome we came home with a backpack full of candy. There were fighter jets flying above us the kids were lovin it! Then we do a cul-de-sac party BBQ and do fireworks together. We like our neighbors lots of kids so we had a great time.

Brixton turns TWO WHOO HOO!!!!

It was an airplane party because Brixton loves them. We had fun we went to Red Robin to eat and Red Robin was even there Brixton was excited. Then we went and played at Chuck-E-Cheese (not Trav and my top choice but we were doing it for him and he had a blast) :) Then we came home and had a little party we played dig for the airplanes with shredded paper then we played with slingshot airplanes. Then he open presents and ate an airplane cake. We got him a T-ball he loves it perfect for our active boy :)

I Love a good Drive in Movie

There are not many Drive in movies theatres around here but we found one about an hour away we have been wanting to try it out. The kids loved it we watched Narnia with the air matress and sleeping bags we were really comfortable. We ate popcorn and ate some candy after that Brixton fell asleep and Keslee watched the whole thing even though it didn't get done till 12:30 she loves movies that much! We were tierd but worth staying up for. Gotta do it once! We'll go again after we recover from our late night :)