Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The beautiful Oregon coast

Ahh The Oregon Coast. It's always a little chilly but it is really pretty. My kids just love getting out of the house and staying in a hotel. There are shops and rides at seaside and we even got to see a real helicopter up close Brixton couldn't stop talking about it for days :) We got to fly the kite and play in the sand. We swam in the hotel pool and my kids decided not to be scared of the water which made me a little scared. Brixton would climb out of the pool and run to the deep end away from us and jump in all by himself. He had arm floaties on but he still would go underwater. Then he would pop up and start laughing and want to do it again. He didn't want anyone to hold him either did Keslee I was really proud of them both. My little water babies want to swim so bad. We ending up going swimming alot because they loved it so much. It was a fun trip :)

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