Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nothing good comes without a little work

Wow it has been a while since I have sat down on the computer I usually have two minutes to check my e-mail every couple days. Even now I am typing one handed with Taylin in the other hand. Gotta luv it while they are little they grow too fast! It has been crazy and wonderful with three kids. Definitely not an easy task but my favorite so far! I kept hearing how hard three was I would hear the "after three it is easy". But I think it is just circumstance. I think my first two "Spirited" kids prepared me for this. Here is my experience (if anyone cares if not the pictures are below) :) Keslee was hard because I didn't know what I was doing and It was a big adjustment from taking care of only me to not having time to take a shower or sleep at night. Having two was a ch allege because Keslee was two and she wanted to play and be around other kids I always felt like I need to go somewhere and let her play with others. But with three kids I have been amazed how nice it is Keslee and Brixton just play with each other all day and have fun together and I have time to take care of Taylin and focus on her I don't feel like I have to go to every playdate or story time at the library. It really has been great for the most part. Now grocery shopping is not included in this that is just a terrible nightmare with three kids!!!!

Kid fun!

Keslee and Brixton have two favorite pastimes. Swimming and riding the carousal. I am usually the one taking pictures and watching the kids try to find my face and wave while they are getting dizzy. So Funny! (I should include Travis in that too because he is always the first to offer to take them. He's just a big kid)

These two should be fish! If there was one thing that we could do everyday all day this would be it. They probably got that from me. I love to swim. I think swimming lessons are next on the to do list :)

She's a babe

Taylin gets cuter everyday and more chubby too! She is a really good baby we needed that after two that didn't sleep very well I think we deserve a night sleeper! I am sure it won't last forever but I am getting my ZZZZ's in while I can.

Be Mine Valentine

Those million dollar smiles don't come cheap! But candy will do it!


Sisters sisters there was never such devoted sisters! The best friend you could ever ask for. Ahhh the fun begins :)