Sunday, January 10, 2010

Toothfairy hitching a ride with Santa claus?

Keslee had a really loose tooth for a long time and I could have pulled it out on Christmas Eve which would have been funny but she was too scared. So when we went to Oregon after Chritmas she was playing with her cousin Elias and they must have been wrestling and out it came she was so excited Whoo first tooth :)

Christmas cuties

Birthday craziness

So this my first year with both mine and Taylins birthday back to back and all I can say is this going to be crazy the older she gets it is just so busy anyway. I hope I can learn to manage and help her have great christmas time birthdays. Oh what was I thinking :) She was so cute we let her go at it and she wouldn't touch anything except the sprinkles until we gave her a fork not like she used it or anything. I guess she doesn't like messy hands :) She is a princess.
She liked all the presents and balloons. She just skooted around the room chasing after them :)
The big 28 where does the time go :) Well at least I am not 30 :) Just kidding Travis