Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Of course we always end up doing most of it but the kids like it anyway. Keslee really did most of hers this year. I was really proud of her and she was pretty proud of herself too! :)

Travis carved the Phantom!

Brixton took a little break for an ice cream sandwich! "Five more!" he says.
And the winner is Mine!!!! I spend way too long on this pumpkin. Once I got started I couldn't stop. This is my first decent pumpkin in my whole life I must say I am very proud of it :)

The Pumpkin Patch

We have a fun Halloween tradition every year we take to kids to a pumpkin patch and pick out our pumpkins. There is a hay bail pyramid to play on a corn maze, a petting zoo, tractors for the kids then we take a hay ride out in the field and pick our own pumpkin. Lots of fun for the kids. We all love going. Good ole' family fun huh :)

Hawaiian North Shore

This was one of our favorite spots. Good food and not so busy with tourists. The Shaved Ice here was the best we went back three of four times. Oh and the garlic shrimp very tasty.
We even got to see a sea turtle he was so cute I had to get friendly :)
The tourist trap!!!
Travis going snorkeling or trying too ?
The Pearl Harbor Memorial was very cool. I have never seen one that goes so in dept as Pearl Harbor did I really felt like I understood what happened that day. The USS Arizona was heartbreaking to see and to think of all those people who did in it. It was extremely sad.


The Polynesian Culture Center is really awesome. I loved it and we both were surprised how big it is. Like a Hawaiian Disney Land. I do have to admit by the end of the day we were feeling Poly overboard. The Luau was awesome the food was so so good we stuffed ourselves until we were about to pop. I have never eaten so much Kahlua Pig in my life! Mmmmmmm Loved the dancers too!

Like his Tahiti Tattoo!

Hawaii Temple

We got to spend a morning walking around the temple. We loved the visitor center and the park behind the temple. We saw some really cool trees and beautiful flowers. It was really nice.

Hawaiian sunset

One day we just drove around the entire island of Oahu. It was beautiful we stopped to see the views and swim at some of the local beaches. It doesn't get better!

This is at sunset beach you can see why they call it that! AHHHHH Paradise :)

That's Travis for ya always good for a laugh :)

Hawaii Vacation

We had so much fun in Hawaii! This is us hiking Diamond Head it was so hot that day I can't believe I made it. I felt like I was carrying a backpack on my tummy (well I quess I kind of am) I am seven months pregnant here and I got a lot of "Good Jobs" and "Hey if she can do it so can you" on the way up. The view was amazing it was really fun I am glad we did it.